STIHL PS 75 Arboriculture Saw Attachment

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When you need to cut branches higher than your PP 600, 800 or 900 telescoping pole pruner can reach, rely on the STIHL PS 75 arboriculture saw. The curved blade design and strong nickel finish of this saw aren’t subtle about its purpose: It’s here to cut some branches. An attachment for the PP 600, 800 or 900 telescoping pole pruner, this saw brings serious cutting ability to new heights. Its raker tooth clears out sawdust from the cut, making every stroke count. And the hook keeps the blade in the cut and prevents it from falling off when pruning high above. It’s a must-have extension for serious cutting professionals.

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Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 5.85 × 1.25 in